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​Lovie Tabron, LAT, ATC

NATA Commission Chair

Doug Means, ATC



Kyle Southall, ATC

Member (AL)


MaryBeth Horodyski, EdD, LAT, ATC, FNATA

Member (FL)

Jessica Mutchler, ATC
Member (GA)


Beth Shoulders, MS, LAT, ATC

Member (KY)


Cary Berthelot, ATC

Member (LA)


​Mark Porter, ATC

Member (MS)

Eric Owens, ATC

Member (TN)

Board Liaison:  President Scott Byrd


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A.    NATA Committee

a)      Composition. This district-based committee is comprised of one member from each district with up to an additional 3 at-large members from a variety of practice settings and preferably those with experience in group or individual crisis intervention.

b)      Purpose. To aid athletic trainers (AT) and athletic training students (ATS) in the after math of a critical incident to utilize a peer-to-peer system to assist, monitor, and encourage these individuals to seek initial support through state or regional ATs Care teams.

B.    SEATA Sub-Committee (Tier 2)

a)      Composition (8 members). This State based sub-committee shall be composed of one committee member from each state in SEATA and a duly appointed Chair.

b)      Chair: The sub-committee chair shall be appointed by the SEATA President, in consultation with the District Director, State President(s), and/or committee members; and approved by the Executive Board.  The Chair may also serve as the District IX representative on the corresponding NATA committee. 

i)       The term of this sub-committee Chair shall be in compliance and accordance to the NATA Committee’s Policy and Procedures (See NATA P&P Manual). 

ii)      At the conclusion of his/her tenure as District IX Representative on the NATA Committee, the member may petition his/her respective State President to be a replacement of the current State member on this sub-committee; as each State is only permitted one committee member.

c)      Purpose: Serve as a professional resource relative to Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) for the district and state level, designed to help assist athletic trainers and athletic training students in District IX in the aftermath of a critical incident by utilizing peer-to-peer system to assist, monitor and encourage these individuals to seek initial support through the district ATs Care team.

d)      Duties:

i)       Facilitate educational resources and organizational methods from the national level to the state level.

ii)      Committee members will be available as a peer-to-peer resource to any SEATA member relative to a critical incident encountered by the member.

iii)    Complete ICISF instructor training and assist in training state CISM team members.

iv)    Be available for on-site debriefings within District IX.

v)      State representatives are responsible for notifying the District representative of all CISM activities. The District Representative must notify the national committee leadership of all reported CISM activities. The District representative is responsible for recording pertinent information related to events within the ATs Care event log.

vi)    Committee members must maintain a high level of confidentiality in all encounters.

e)      Polices: Members of this organization support group shall adhere to and follow the general SEATA Committee Policies as stated in Section II.C of this P&P Manual

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