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SEATA Honors & Awards Nominations Form

For a complete list of criteria for the awards and honors bestowed by SEATA, please check HERE.  All recipients  (with the exception of Sports Medicine Person of the Year) must be members of the Southeast Athletic Trainers Association. Deadline for submitting nominations November 1st of current year.

Only SEATA members may formally nominate candidates for awards.  Non-SEATA members may contact the respective SEATA Honors and Awards Committee State Representative to suggest a nomination and provide appropriate documentation. 


Online nominations are automatically forwarded to Committee members when submitted and archived via the website for further committee review.  Written nominations may be made to the SEATA Honors and Awards Committee state representative who will, in turn, post the nominee’s information online for all of the committee to review.  Honors and Awards Committee members may also nominate candidates for awards.

Please Note:

If nominating someone for the SEATA Hall of Fame go HERE.

If nominating someone for the SEATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer go, HERE.


Your nominations will be e-mailed to the Honors and Awards Committee when you hit the Submit button.


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