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Allen Thompson, ATC

Chair & District IX Representative (MS)

Samuel Richardson, ATC

Member (AL)

Matthew McGraw, MS, ATC, LAT, PES

Member (FL)

Jenna Morogiello, DAT, LAT, ATC, CSCS

Member (GA)


Sean Wilson, ATC

Member (KY)

John Boudreaux, ATC

Member (LA)

Allen Thompson, ATC

Member (MS)

Scott Swope, ATC

Member (TN)

Board Liaison:  Jared Sandler (GA)
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1. NATA Committee

a) Composition. This committee is comprised of one member from each district with up to an additional 6 at large members at the discretion of the committee chair and district director liaison to the committee. Committee members will consist of ATs from a variety of practice settings and those with experience in billing, revenue generation, and insurance reimbursement. These settings include, but are not limited to the performing arts, hospital and clinical, physician extender, military, public safety, occupational, youth sports, secondary school, college and university.

b) Purpose Advancement of the athletic training profession in business and employment opportunities, compensation, and brand recognition of athletic trainers as health care professionals.

c) Duties

i) Support staff in job development and improvement efforts.

ii) Advocate for athletic trainers employed in clinical and emerging practices settings, and disseminate information about these markets.

iii) Study and address the unique concerns of these athletic trainers. Develop programs and activities to meet these needs.

iv) Promote and enhance revenue generation by collaborating with other NATA groups and settings and providing information on these topics.

v) Develop and provide resources to help athletic trainers create healthcare models that maximize business opportunities and return on investment.

vi) Liaise with athletic training educators to help ensure knowledge, skills and abilities needed to work in emerging practice areas are included in the professional education standards.

vii) Collaborate with other NATA groups to promote and enhance these areas.

2. SEATA Sub-Committee

a) Composition (7 members). One Member from each state from the clinical, industrial, corporate or emerging practices settings; of which, one shall be appointed as the Chair.

b) Chair: The committee chair shall be selected by the SEATA President, in consultation with the District Director, State President(s), and/or committee members, and approved by the Executive Board. The Chair shall also serve as the District IX representative on the corresponding NATA committee.

c) Purpose. To identify and address issues of concern to athletic trainers in the clinical/industrial/corporate or emerging practices setting and promote certified athletic trainers in these settings.

d) Duties.

i) Collect, analyze, and distribute information about the conduct of athletic training in the clinical/industrial/corporate or emerging practices setting.

ii) Facilitate communication among certified athletic trainers in the clinical/industrial/corporate or emerging practices setting.

iii) Develop educational programming for international, national, district and student meetings.

iv) Develop and maintain relationships with related allied health organizations.

v) Facilitate communication with athletic training curriculum directors.

vi) Collect, analyze and distribute information about the revenue conduct of athletic trainers in the clinical/industrial/corporate or emerging practices setting.

vii) Provide input as requested and work collaboratively with other committees and groups.

e) Polices: Committee members shall adhere to the general SEATA committee policies as stated in Section II.C.

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