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Applying for a SEATA Scholarship?


November 1st – December 31st



Scholarship Application Form

Character Reference Form



  • The scholarship committee is composed of a state representative from each state within District IX.

  • Applications are accepted annually and are only available online from the SEATA website on the Scholarship Information web page

  • Final recipients will be determined based on the applicant’s academic achievement, character, athletic training activities and knowledge, skills and abilities.

  • Final recipients will be notified prior to February 1st and invited to attend the Annual Athletic Training Student Symposium (ATSS).

  • A formal announcement and presentation of the scholarship award will occur during the ATSS Annual Student Quiz Bowl or CSMM Tim Kerin Honors and Awards Ceremony.




  1. The student is to complete an application prior to the designated deadline to be considered. As a part of the application, you will be required to identify both a Sponsoring AT and may also need a Character Reference.These individuals should be selected based on their level of knowing the applicant.

    • NATA Foundation Scholarship Page – DUE November 1st

    • SEATA Scholarship Application Form – DUE December 31st

  2. Upon submission of an application, the identified AT Sponsor will be sent an email from SEATA Scholarships requesting that they complete a CHARACTER REFERENCE FORM on the applicant.This sponsor MUST be a college/university school official (program director, faculty member etc.) who has official access to the student’s internal transcript.This AT Sponsor will be required to complete the applicant’s academic profile (i.e., degree, GPA, etc.) which will be used to verify the applicant’s academic qualifications required for the scholarship.

  3. When appropriate, the identified AT Character Reference will also be sent an email requesting that they too complete a CHARACTER REFERENCE FORM on the applicant. (Two reference forms are required for each applicant.)

  4. By January 2nd, the Scholarships Committee Chair shall notify students with an incomplete application detailing documentation being requested.

  5. By January 10th, the Chair shall distribute the official ranking ballot to the committee members.The chair is to attach the application and supporting documents of each applicant.

  6. By January 14th, the Chair shall have a committee conference call to discuss the ballot.Each committee member shall place a ranking score for each candidate on the ballot and submit his/her ranking report/vote back to the chair who will then tabulate and confirm the committee’s recommendations for the available scholarship awards.

  7. By January 15th, the Chair shall email the SEATA President with the committee’s recommendation for Executive Board review and approval.

  8. Once approved by the EB, the SEATA President, or designee, shall have the honor of notifying the scholarship recipient and inviting him/her to either the ATSS Student Quiz Bowl or the CSMM Tim Kerin Honors and Award Ceremony.

  9. Optional - please email to a recent photograph saved as a .jpg or .gif file using the applicant's last name followed by first name such as DoeJohn.jpg.  This photograph may be published in the SEATA Newsletter, a SEATA eBlast or on the SEATA website.

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