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Bob Nevil, LAT, ATC

Chair (TN)


John Anderson, ATC

Member (AL)


Frank Grimaldi, ATC

Member (FL)

Jay Shoop, ATC

Member (GA)


Nick Repka, ATC

Member (KY)


Jack Marucci, ATC

Member (LA)


Jim Gallaspy, ATC

Member (MS)


Bob Nevil, LAT, ATC

Member (TN)



Board Liaison:  President Jason Dunavant (LA)


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1. SEATA Committee

a) Composition (7 members). One Member from each state; of which, one shall be appointed as the Chair. The importance of diversity across the scope of practice by athletic trainers will be recognized.

b) Chair. The committee hair shall be selected by the SEATA President, in consultation with the SEATA Officers, State President(s), and/or committee members, and approved by the Executive Board.

c) Purpose. Recognize and honor those members of our District who have served and demonstrated outstanding and unusual service to SEATA and the profession of Athletic Training.

d) Duties.

i) Evaluate nominations; help with awards presentation and collection of such information as needed by the committee to make their decision.

ii) Continue to review the nomination, selection and awards process and make recommendations to the SEATA Executive Board.

e) Policies.

i) Committee members shall adhere to the general SEATA committee policies as stated in Section II.C.

ii) Committee meetings, as needed will be conducted at the Annual Clinical Symposium & Members Meeting, through telephone calls, telephone conference calls, emails, letters or faxes.

f) Procedures:

i) The nomination process is designed to be fair and objective to recognize those members who have performed extraordinary service and brought honor to the profession of athletic training particularly at the SEATA level. Service and contributions to SEATA is the sole consideration for induction into the SEATA Hall of Fame.

ii) Nominations may be made by any certified member of District IX in good standing. Nomination must be submitted via the web at by November 15th prior to the induction year.

iii) Application forms can be downloaded from the SEATA website at

iv) Nominating members and nominees are encouraged to contact the SEATA Hall of Fame Committee Chair with any questions regarding the process or forms.

v) Nominating members are encouraged to assist the nominee in the application completion and submission process as soon as the nominating member initiates the nomination.

vi) Application forms are to be sent by email (preferred) or mail to the SEATA Hall of Fame Committee Chair by December 15th prior to the induction year.

vii) Completed application nomination and evaluation forms will be sent to each SEATA Hall of Fame Committee Member no later than December 31st.

viii) The SEATA Hall of Fame Committee Chair will appoint a subcommittee of three members to review the applications and report back to the committee with recommendations by January 31st

ix) The SEATA Hall of Fame Committee Chair will inform the SEATA President of the successful nominees. The SEATA President will present to the SEATA Executive Board for approval and will then contact the recipient(s) and inform them of their selection.

x) All newly approved SEATA Hall of Fame inductees will be notified in writing by the President or his/her designee on or before February 7, and asked to respond in writing of their acceptance and attendance at the Annual Clinical Symposium & Members Meeting by February 15. If the new "Hall of Fame" member is unable to attend the Annual Clinical Symposium & Members Meeting, he/she will need to forward the name of the person they wish to accept their award to the Hall of Fame Committee Chair.

xi) The President or his/her designee will solicit and develop with the inductee a biographical statement and picture for inclusion in the Hall of Fame Awards Program and the SEATA website.

xii) The SEATA Hall of Fame Committee Chair will, by email, inform the other SEATA Hall of Fame Committee of the results of selection.

xiii) The SEATA Hall of Fame Committee Chair will then order plaques/awards.

xiv) Award presentation will take place during the Annual Clinical Symposium & Members Meeting. If possible, a close personal friend of the recipient may be asked to make the actual presentation.

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