2017 Candidate for SEATA Treasurer

Lloyd Timothy (Tim) McLane, MBA, ATC, LAT is currently Senior Athletic Trainer for the AU Health Sports Medicine Center in Augusta, Ga. He oversees the outreach program including its marketing, contracting, and integration with the Sports Medicine Center Rehabilitation and Physicians Clinic where they educate residents, Sports Medicine Fellows, and other health care graduate students. He is also co-developed the tactical Sports Medicine Program and is a Medic with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office SRT. Born and raised the son of a Navy family, Tim spent most of his time in the Jacksonville, Fl. area. He began his road to Athletic Training while a freshman at Case Western Reserve University but transferred back home to the University of Florida. While there he helped establish the Student Injury Care Center to offer Athletic Training Services to the school’s intramural athletes. After graduation he worked for The Physical Therapy Center in Gainesville and Lake City, Fl. He then took a position at the University of Pittsburgh where he was involved in research and consulting with some of the staff in Moscow for medical care of marathon competitors. Tim then began the Sports Medicine Program at St. Vincent’s Medical Center back in Jacksonville. Building an outreach program and the business side of Athletic Training became his passion. While there, he was asked to be a part of the process to form legislation for the practice of Athletic Training in Florida. Along with Ross Davis, he helped bring about the passage of a bill for just that. During the time he was asked to begin his involvement with SEATA on the Governmental Affairs Committee. This led Tim to his involvement on the NATA Governmental Affairs Committee and the Chair of the NATA Reimbursement Advisory Group. Tim has also lectured at the annual SEATA meeting on the Business of Athletic Training to introduce the concept in a series of workshops. He participated in assisting the host Committee at the 1996 NATA meeting in Orlando. With the passage of the practice act in Florida, McLane was the Chair of the task force appointed by the state, and then became the First Chair of the Board of Athletic Trainers appointed by Governor Jeb Bush.  He has been involved with the 1996 Olympics as part of the ACOG organization. Tim also has been involved with gymnastics at all levels in Florida, the Southeast, and a member of the USA Gymnastics Medical Staff since 1996 as well. That involvement resulted in him accompanying the World University Games staff to Thailand.

Tim’s dedication and service to the profession have been recognized by his being inducted to the SEATA Hall of Fame in 2012, ATAF Hall of Fame in 2004, 2000 – NATA Athletic Trainer Service Award, 1996 – Recognition from ATAF for Legislative efforts and success, 1995 – ATAF Athletic Trainer of the Year, 1993 – ATAF Clinical / Industrial Athletic Trainer of the Year. He has 2 sons, Timothy, a collegiate tennis coach and James, a software engineer. While serving as Treasurer for SEATA, he was elected Vice-Chair for the NATA DST. During his tenure, he has grown and stabilized the investment account as well as place the cash flow in to a stable basis. He has implemented procedures to expedite funds being disbursed back the states with their dues allocations and in one payment as opposed to multiple smaller payments. Tim has also worked to help make sure the SEATA sponsored Foundation grants and scholarships are fully funded and viable.

Moving forward McLane is looking to upgrade the accounting system to become simplified and continue the process of funding more scholarships and grants as well as keeping dues as affordable as possible through financial controls and systems.


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