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Rob Ullery, MS, LAT, ATC

Co-Chair (SEATA Secretary)

​Brian Mizeski, MS, LAT, ATC





Social Media

Stephanie Wise


Digital Media

Kim Barber-Foss


Marketing Coordinator

Joshua Krispin

Hanna Yates, ATC

Member (AL)

Katy Jo Thompson, MS, LAT, ATC 

Member (FL)


Jaclyn Donovan, ATC

Member (GA)

Bianca Grimshaw, ATC

Member (KY)


Deanna Lewis, ATC

Member (LA)


Christian Johnston , LAT, ATC

Member (MS)

Brandon Wells, ATC

Member (TN)

Board Liaison: 
Secretary Ullery

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1.    SEATA Committee (Tier 3)

a) Composition (9 members). This State based sub-committee shall be composed of one committee member from each state in SEATA and a duly appointed Co-Chair to facilitate District IX information to the NATA.

b)  Co-Chair: The committee co-chair shall be appointed by the SEATA President, in consultation with the District Director, State President(s), and/or committee members; and approved by the Executive Board.  The other co-chair will be the current SEATA Secretary.

i) The term of this committee Chair shall be in compliance and accordance to the NATA Committee’s Policy and Procedures (See NATA P&P Manual). 

ii) At the conclusion of his/her tenure as District IX Representative on the NATA Committee, the member may petition his/her respective State President to be a replacement of the current State member on this sub-committee; as each State is only permitted one committee member.

c) Purpose. Provide input and direction to SEATA’s and NATA’s public relations program.

d) Duties.

i) Act as a resource to the SEATA Executive Board and SEATA on public relations matters.

ii) Investigate and recommend to the SEATA Executive Board public relations objectives and strategies.

iii) When outside Public Relations counsel is authorized by the SEATA Executive Board, the committee conducts an agency review and selects a firm.

iv) Disseminate information from the NATA Public Relations Committee.

v)  Direct NATA public relations programs and campaigns in the district.

vi) Serve as a public relations resource for SEATA members.

vii)  Develop and implement public relations programs to promote athletic training in the district.

viii) Create materials to help SEATA members promote athletic training.

ix) Share ideas and materials from each member state

x)  Educate SEATA members of their role in public relations and to work with other SEATA committees to meet their goals.

e) Polices: Members of this organization support group shall adhere to and follow the general SEATA Committee Policies as stated in Section II.C of this P&P Manual.

3.    PR Committee Chair

a) Duties

i) Disseminating information from the NATA PR Committee to the members of the SEATA PR Committee and Executive Board.

ii) Directing NATA PR programs and campaigns in the District.

(1) Request sub-committees as needed.

(2) Serving as a PR resource for SEATA members.

(3) Developing PR programs to promote athletic training in the District.

(4) Creating materials to help our members promote athletic training.

(5) Sharing ideas and materials from each member state.

(6) Educating SEATA members of their role in Public Relations.

(7) Working with other SEATA committees to meet their goals.

(8) Preparing a yearly activity and informational report.

(9) Preparing additional reports as requested by the President.

(10) Authoring the Public Relations section of the SEATA Newsletter.

(11) Preparing a yearly budget.

(12) Maintaining accurate records and minutes.

(13) Other duties as assigned by the SEATA President.

4.    Public Relations Committee Members:

a) Duties.

i) Disseminating information to the members of their state association.

ii) Directing PR programs & campaigns in their respective states.

iii) Sharing information, materials and ideas with the committee.

iv) Fulfilling the charge of the committee under the direction of the chair.

v) Serving on sub-committees as appointed by the Chair.

vi) Other duties as assigned by the Chair.

5.     Budget: The budget of the SEATA Public Relations Committee will be based on individual projects approved by the SEATA Executive Board. The Chair will meet with the President to submit ideas for projects requiring funding for consideration by the Executive Board. Once approved, an accurate accounting of the funds will be maintained and submitted to the treasurer.

a) Meetings

i) The SEATA PR Committee will meet annually at the SEATA Annual Member Meeting and Clinical Symposium.

ii) Special meetings (in person and or conference calls) may be held with the approval of the Public Relations Committee and the SEATA Executive Board.

iii) All parliamentary procedures will be based on Roberts Rules of Order.

iv)  For voting purposes a quorum is four of the seven states plus the Chair. Each member will have one vote. The Chair serves as the tie-breaking vote.

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