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A. General Policies


1) All expenses/travel requests must have prior approval by the SEATA President for reimbursement purposes (unless otherwise authorized by the SEATA P&P Manual) and may require executive board approval.

2) Individuals representing SEATA should exercise discretion in incurring expenses. The least expensive, most efficient mode of travel should be used. If airline vouchers are available, they should be utilized, if possible, for flights costing over $500. Exception: An individual scheduled to fly for SEATA more than three times in a calendar year may select the least expensive airfare on the airline of their choice instead of a coupon. When traveling, please use the most cost effective method of communicating electronically.

3) Expenses presented for reimbursement should be supported by digital original receipts whenever possible. SEATA is unable to reimburse individuals for expenses paid or reimbursed by another institution, but may reimburse the institution if it issued a travel advance or paid expenses for the trip. At no time should the individual receive dual reimbursement. In instances when another organization reimburses the expenses, a reimbursement request should not be submitted to SEATA.

4) Expense reimbursement requests should be submitted to the SEATA Treasurer within 14 days of completion of the trip/activity. Members attending committee or liaison meetings are expected to submit a written committee report or completed liaison report form at the same time to ensure prompt reimbursement.

5) SEATA strives to process and mail expense reimbursement checks within 14 business days of receiving the reimbursement request with supporting documents. As a general rule, the SEATA Treasurer is expected to process reimbursement requests on the 15th and 30th of the month.

6) Meal reimbursement shall follow the IRS Per Diem Guidelines for the respective metropolitan areas. Per Diem will be applied on a percent basis as appropriate to the travel schedule.

F. Unless otherwise specified, SEATA will reimburse the member for the member’s expenses only in accordance with established SEATA Travel & Meeting Expense Guidelines. (Please do not submit expenses for family members and/or other persons not eligible for SEATA reimbursement.) For meal expenses which may include business guests, you must indicate who was included and why (e.g., committee luncheon or meeting.)

G. SEATA does not cover expenses incurred as a result of travel to and from committee meetings held during the SEATA Annual CSMM Meeting. An exception to this rule may be made with approval of the SEATA President when the committee is asked to meet before or after the Annual SEATA CSMM and the volunteer(s) incur out-of-pocket expenses as a result of the committee meeting. SEATA generally does not provide funds for meals during committee meetings at the SEATA Annual CSMM. Exceptions to this may be made by the Executive Board for certain committee meetings on a case by case basis or policy modification.

H. District IX Representatives attending a NATA Committee meeting in conjunction with the NATA Annual Clinical Symposia & AT Expo meeting are eligible for reimbursement travel not to exceed $500.00 and two hotel nights (king or double room only). To be eligible for reimbursement, District IX Representatives attending NATA committee meetings must submit a District IX Representative Report.





Complete a SEATA Expense Report and save as a PDF file: (Name.Date.Expense.Report).



Complete a Reimbursement Request Form detailing your expenses and purpose of the expenses.



Upload 1 file in Reimbursement Request Form to include:

  • Expense Report in PDF format

  • Digital/electronic receipts (as necessary) in PDF format.

  • Please combine all documents into one PDF file.



Submit your request. (Notification of your reimbursement request will be sent to the SEATA Treasurer with a copy to the member submitting the request.)



Your DONE. Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your approved reimbursement.


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