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Nominate a SEATA Member!

Do you know an individual who should be recognized for their outstanding contribution to the profession as a SEATA or NATA member? If so, take a few moments to nominate them as explained below.



Jack C. Hughston, M.D. Sportsmedicine Person of the Year
Chuck Kimmel Award of Merit
R.T. Floyd District Award
Backbone Award

High School Athletic Trainer Award

Clinical/Industrial/Corporate Athletic Trainer Award

Early Professionals’ Distinction Award

Career Advancement Committee Professional Distinction Award
Kenny Howard College/University Athletic Trainer Award

Nick Pappas Legislative Advocacy Award

Professional Athletic Trainer Award
Education/Administration Award
Sponsor's Award


For more details on the SEATA Honors and Awards Program and to nominate a deserving member, click HERE.

The SEATA Honors and Awards Committee is accepting nominations until November 1st of each year for the Jack C. Hughston, M.D. Sportsmedicine Person of the Year, Chuck Kimmel Award of Merit, District Award, Backbone Award, High School Athletic Trainer Award, Clinical/Industrial/Corporate Athletic Trainer Award, College/University Athletic Trainer Award, Professional Athletic Trainer Award, Education/Administration Award, Sponsor's Award.

SEATA members are encouraged to review the qualifications for each award and consider nominating a colleague(s) for one of the awards.  Qualified members that have served our District but have made a move to outside District 9 after being duly nominated would be eligible for an award.

The NATA accepts nominations for the Hall of Fame, Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award, Athletic Trainer Service Award, President’s Challenge Award and Honorary Membership. Nominations will be accepted August 1st – November 1st.

For more details on the NATA Honors and Awards Program and to nominate a deserving member, click HERE.

See Helpful Hints on Applying for a National Athletic Trainers' Award for useful information for nominators and candidates.


Check out the award winners!

SEATA Award Winners

NATA Award Winning Members of SEATA

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