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The Southeast Athletic Trainers’ Association is proud and honored to recognize a few of our elite members and provide financial support to further the profession through academic and leadership scholarships.  As a benefit for being a member, you, or your dependent, may be eligible to qualify for one of various academic or leadership scholarships.  Depending on the scholarship, deserving members are encouraged to apply to either SEATA or the NATA Foundation as provided below. These awards are a one-year scholarship award and generally disbursed during the spring semester.

The SEATA Scholarships Committee is currently accepting scholarship applications ending November 15th, 2023.

The Ethnic Diversity Adversity Committee (EDAC) is accepting Arnold T. Bell scholarship applications ending December 1st, 2023.


The following awards are available as a benefit to NATA Members residing in District IX:



  • Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship ($1,000)

  • Jerry Rhea/Atlanta Falcons Undergraduate Scholarship ($1,000)

  • SEATA Family Scholarship ($500)


  • Memorial Graduate Scholarship ($1,000)

  • Jerry Rhea/Atlanta Falcons Graduate Scholarship ($1,000)

  • SEATA Family Scholarship ($500)

  • Arnold T. Bell Memorial EDAC Graduate Scholarship ($2,000)


  • Jim Gallaspy Leadership Award (includes a $500 scholarship)

  • Bobby Gunn Student Leadership Award (includes up to $1,000 for a first-time student attendee at the NATA Convention and AT Expo)

NOTE: The Professional Degree Change & impact on scholarship

The NATA Board of Directors and the Commissioners of the CAATE, with the full support of the Board of Certification and the NATA Research & Education Foundation, have agreed to establish the professional degree in athletic training at the master’s level.  To ensure that the scholarship designations match the transition timeline the following changes will be implemented:

  • The 2024-2025 school year will be the last year that SEATA or the NATA Foundation will award the following undergraduate scholarships:

    • Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship

    • Jerry Rhea/Atlanta Falcons Undergraduate Scholarship

All questions or concerns should be sent to:

William “Bill” Welsh, MS, ATC, CHES, CEAS, CSCS

Scholarships Committee Chair

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