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Education/Administration Award


Many athletic trainers serve as educators or in administrative positions.  This award is given to a member that is committed to teaching athletic training skills and functioning in a leadership capacity at an institution.

2024        Kristi Phillips, PhD, LAT, ATC

2023        Amanda Benson, PhD, ATC, LAT

2022        Chris Brown PhD, LAT, ATC, CSCS

2021        Ben Velasquez, DA, ATC, LAT

2020        Brady Tripp, PhD, LAT, ATC

2019        Rebecca Lopez, PhD, LAT, ATC

2018        Jennifer Farroll, EdD, LAT, ATC

2017        Jennifer Y. Reist, MAT, LAT, ATC

2016        Helen M. Binkley, PhD, ATC, CSCS

2015        Cliff Pawley, ATC

2014        Cathy Brown Crowell, PhD, ATC

2013        Marisa Colston, PhD, ATC

2012        Amanda Andrews Benson, PhD, ATC, LAT

2011        Carl Mattacola, PhD, ATC, FNATA 

                Tim Uhl, PhD, ATC, PT, FNATA

2010        Jeff Konin, PhD, ATC, PT

2009        Ray Castle, PhD, ATC

2008        Gerard White, MEd, ATC

2007        John Anderson, ATC

2006        Mike Ferrara, PhD, ATC

​2005        Brian Bogdanowicz, ATC

2004        Deidre Leaver-Dunn, EdD, ATC

2003        Alice Wilcoxson, ATC

2002        Malissa Martin, ATC

2001        Chris Gillespie, ATC



  • The nominee must currently be a certified member of SEATA for a minimum of 2 years and licensed to practice Athletic Training in their respective state

  • Nominees must show specific evidence of making a significant educational/administrative contribution to the SEATA membership.

  • Must be nominated online and a current resume detailing the above service submitted to the SEATA Honors and Awards Committee at

  • This award does not have to be presented annually if there are no qualified candidate(s) nominated.

SEATA Awards Nomination Form

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