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Gerard White, MEd, LAT, ATC




Jason Dunavant, LAT, ATC

Member (LA)


​​Cheryl Cundy, ATC

Member (GA)

Chuck Kimmel, LAT, ATC

Member (TN)


Board Liaison:  TREASURER Gerard White





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1. SEATA Workgroup

a) Composition (4 members). The Finance Workgroup should be composed of the SEATA Treasurer, two state presidents from the SEATA Executive Board and one SEATA member who does not serve on the SEATA Executive Board.

b) Chair. The workgroup chair shall be the SEATA Treasurer.

c) Purpose. Review all financial matters of SEATA and make recommendations to the SEATA Executive Board.

d) Duties.

i) Develop a budget for SEATA, Inc.

ii) To develop a plan for communication to the membership regarding the financial status of SEATA, Inc.

iii) To provide for the Executive Board and the SEATA Membership quarterly reports available through the SEATA Newsletter and Executive Board Meeting Minutes.

iv) To provide for the Executive Board and the SEATA Membership an annual report at the Annual Members Meeting and Clinical Symposium.

v) Recommend to the SEATA Executive Board, policies and procedures with respect to Income, Expenditures, and Investments of SEATA, Inc.

vi) To oversee the management of the SEATA, Inc. investment accounts, as well as make recommendations to the SEATA, Inc. Executive Board.

e) Polices: Committee members shall adhere to the general SEATA committee policies as stated in Section II.C.

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