High School Athletic Trainer of the Year Award

This is an opportunity to recognize someone in the District on the secondary school level.  This honoree has made a major impact on their communities and institution.  Many of these people may not have had their chance to serve on the District or National levels.  However, their importance has been seen in the state and communities where they reside.  They have contributed to the growth and awareness of the profession of athletic training.  A cash award goes to this recipient.

2020        Phillip Shaw, MEd, ATC

2019        Kira Berch, MS, ATC

2018        Ronnie Harper, EdD, ATC

2017        Gary Beatty, ATC, LAT

2016        Robert Joe Milam, MEd, ATC, LAT

2015        Randy Wilkes, ATC

2014        Pedro Moreno, ATC 

2013        Scott Arceneaux, ATC

2012        Kevin Mauldin, ATC

2011        Chris King, ATC

2010        William R. Cubbage, ATC

2009        Jeff Bryant, ATC

2008        Sarah "Jenni" Williams, ATC

2007        Scott Byrd, ATC

2006        Jake Jordan, ATC

2005        Chris Snoddy, ATC

2004        Brandon Sheppard, ATC

2003        Paul Good, ATC

2002        Greg Pendley, ATC

2001        Stephanie Lennon, ATC

2000        Rick Baker, ATC

1999        Kelli Sabiston, ATC

1998        Therese Sparn, ATC

1997        Dean Geary, ATC

1996        Lloyd Knott, ATC

1995        Kevin Matthews, ATC

1994        Janet Passman, ATC

1993        David Bayes, ATC

1992        Wayne Kendrick, ATC




  • The nominee must currently be a certified member of SEATA for a minimum of 2 years and licensed to practice Athletic Training in their respective state

  • The nominee must currently be employed/working in the high school setting in SEATA and possess a total of 2 years cumulative experience in the setting.

  • If the nominee is employed by a clinic, then at least half of his/her hours must be working in the high school setting.

  • Must be nominated online and a current resume detailing the above service submitted to the SEATA Honors and Awards Committee at seata.honorsandawards@gmail.com.

  • This award does not have to be presented annually if there are no qualified candidate(s) nominated.

 SEATA Awards Nomination Form


The Southeast Athletic Trainers' Association (SEATA) is District IX of the National Athletic Trainers' Association.  It is a not-for-profit organization dealing with the concerns of its members and the profession of athletic training as a whole.  This association was first started back in 1950.  Initially comprised of the members of the Southeastern Conference schools, this district is represented by Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.


P.O. Box 383

Dandridge TN  37725

SEATA Privacy Policy

SEATA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, military status, sexual orientation, or age.  SEATA is committed to accessibility and nondiscrimination in all aspects of its continuing education activities.  Participants who have special needs are encouraged to contact the program organizers so that all reasonable efforts to accommodate these needs can be made.

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