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Professional Athletic Trainer Award

This honor will recognize an athletic trainer associated with a professional sports team in our district.  This recipient will be an athletic trainer involved in professional sports that represents our profession well and makes athletic training more visible.

2024        None

2023        None

2022        Ben Stollberg, MS, ATC

2021        None

2020        None

2019        None

2018        None

2017        None

2016        Scott Trulock, MA, ATC

2015        Rod Scott, ATC

2015        Justin Bland, ATC

2014        Marty Lauzon, ATC

2013        Donald Moseley, ATC

2009        Jeff Porter, ATC

2008        Mike Ryan, ATC, PT, PES

2007        New Orleans Saints Athletic Training Staff

2006        Craig Brewer, ATC

2005        Wally Blase, ATC

2004        John Burrell, ATC

2003        Todd Toracelli, ATC

2002        Brad Brown, ATC

2001        Dave Pursley, ATC

2000        Ron Medlin, ATC

1999        Larry Starr, ATC



  • The nominee must currently be a certified member of SEATA for a minimum of 2 years and licensed to practice Athletic Training in their respective state

  • The nominee must be employed in a professional sport environment and possess a total of 2 years cumulative experience in the setting.

  • Must be nominated online and a current resume detailing the above service submitted to the SEATA Honors and Awards Committee at

  • This award does not have to be presented annually if there are no qualified candidate(s) nominated.

SEATA Awards Nomination Form

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