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In June of 2014, the SEATA Executive Board approved the funding of up to $5250 to assist duly approved secondary schools, who have demonstrated financial need, to help cover their school’s NATA Safe Sports School Award application fee.  This grant program allocates each State in District IX up to $750 of funding (partial or full funding based on financial need)


The SEATA Secondary Schools Athletic Trainer Committee (SSATC) has been charged with encouraging secondary schools to apply to the NATA’s Safe Schools Program.  The purpose of this grant program is three-fold:

1.      Encourage each state in SEATA to promote the NATA’s Safe Sports School Award within their state.

2.      Help secondary schools overcome the financial stumbling block associated with the award application fee.

3.      Increase the number of NATA 1st Team and 2nd Team Safe Sports School Awards presented to SEATA secondary schools.  


Procedures for SEATA Grant Requests

Read and Download Procedures Here

I.             Eligibility Requirements for Secondary School Grant

a) Each candidate secondary school applying for this grant must be enrolled in the NATA Athletic Training Location and Services (A.T.L.A.S) Program .

b) An athletic trainer representing the candidate secondary school will be required to provide the following:NATA membership, BOC certification, State License, and NPI (National Provider Identifier) numbers.

II.           Applying for Secondary School Grant

a) Go to the NATA Safe Sport School website to access the online application.

i) Click “Manage Safe Sport School Application”.

ii) You will be required to “Log In”.

iii) Once logged in, you will be on the “My Applications” page, click on “Applications and Forms”.

iv) Here you will see a listing of various award applications, click on the “Safe Sport School Award” link and then you will       be able to begin the online application process.

v) Once you complete this initial process, you will then submit for your school’s administrator to sign in for review and approval.

vi) After your school administrator has approved, you will now need to print a copy to submit with your SEATA Grant Request Form.

vii) You can “Print to PDF” or print a copy to scan to PDF.

b) Download and complete a SEATA Grant Request Form

c) Email the following documents to SEATA’s SSATC Chair (incomplete grant requests shall not be considered):

PDF of your completed NATA SSSA online application.

Completed SEATA SSS Award Grant Request Form.

d) Once notified by the SEATA SSATC Chair of funding approval/declination, please log in and “Submit” your application.SEATA will notify NATA directly of all grant recipients and authorize payments of appropriate application fee(s).

III.          Notification of a District IX Safe Sports School Awards

a) SSSA Winners will be selected and notified via email from the NATA.

b) The SEATA District Director is notified by the NATA when a secondary school in the district receives a SSSA.  The Director will notify the SEATA Secretary, SSATC and PR Chairs of all SSSA recipient(s).

IV.          Publicity of Awards

a) The Chair of the SEATA Public Relations (PR) Committee will contact the athletic trainer(s) at each secondary school who receive the SSSA to coordinate publicity and press releases for SEATA.

b) The SEATA PR Chair will also notify the respective State Association PR Chair for publicity and press releases at the state level.

c) Grant winners are encouraged to recognize SEATA as the funding source for the SSSA grant in press releases, interviews, and other forms of publicity about the award.

V.          Allocation of Unused Funds

a) If funds remain after March 1st, applications will continue to be considered and requests to fund renewals will be considered at that time.

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