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LaJoy Paige, MS, LAT, ATC
Committee Chair & District IX Representative (MS)

Member (AL)


​Julie-Ann Burton, Ed.D, LAT, SCAT, ATC, CES

Member (FL)


Anthony Hunter, Jr., MA, ATC, KIEP

Member (GA)


Jeremy Johnson, ATC

Member (KY)


Rene Ponsaa, ATC

Member (LA)


Regan Singleterry, ATC

Member (MS)

Gregg Cloutier, ATC

Member (TN)


Board Liaison:  President Kira Berch (MS)



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1.  NATA Committee

a) Composition. This district-based committee is comprised of members from the secondary school setting.

b) Purpose. Identify and address issues of concern to secondary school athletic trainers.

c) Duties

i) Study the unique concerns and responsibilities associated with secondary school athletic training.

ii) Develop programs and initiatives to address these concerns.

2. SEATA Sub-Committee (Tier 2)

a) Composition (8 members). This State based sub-committee shall be composed of secondary-school athletic trainers; of which, one committee member from each state in SEATA and a duly appointed Chair to represent District IX at NATA.

b) Chair: The sub-committee chair shall be appointed by the SEATA President, in consultation with the District Director, State President(s), and/or committee members; and approved by the Executive Board. The Chair shall also serve as the District IX representative on the corresponding NATA committee.

i) The term of this sub-committee Chair shall be in compliance and accordance to the NATA Committee’s Policy and Procedures (See NATA P&P Manual).

ii) At the conclusion of his/her tenure as District IX Representative on the NATA Committee, the member may petition his/her respective State President to be a replacement of the current State member on this sub-committee; as each State is only permitted one committee member.

c) Purpose. To identify and address issues of concern to the athletic trainers in the secondary school setting.

d) Duties.

i) Recognize the unique concerns and responsibilities associated with the secondary school athletic training practice setting.

ii) Develop and provide programs and activities to enhance and promote the effectiveness of secondary school athletic trainers.

e) Polices: Members of this organization support group shall adhere to and follow the general SEATA Committee Policies as stated in Section II.C of this P&P Manual.

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