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The following policy describes the SEATA Education Sponsorship Program.  The main purpose of this program is to align with SEATA’s Strategic Plan - Goal V, which states to create recognizable Membership Benefits.  Outcome 2 under this goal states that SEATA is to refine education and improve continuing education.  The plan suggests developing more EBP course offerings within District IX.

This education grant is established to assist State Associations in offering high quality evidence based practice session(s) during their annual educational symposium.  The intent of this SEATA sponsored EBP session(s) is to provide a direct member impact at the state level.  This grant would provide a valuable financial resource to the State Association and enhance the State’s educational programming on current, best-practice topics.



Each State Association may request up to $1,000 annually to help defray the honorarium and travel related expenses related to a SEATA Sponsored EBP Session offered at a State’s annual educational symposium.  SEATA’s funding of a grant request shall follow SEATA’s reimbursement policy.  Each request shall follow the following:


1.      Application Process:

a. The respective State Association is asked to identify and select an appropriate and qualified EBP content expert which meets the needs of the respective state’s membership.  Once identified, then the State Association shall complete the SEATA Education Sponsorship Proposal Request.

b. Requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event to ensure adequate and effective review process of the proposal.


2.      Approval Process:

a. This request is to be submitted to the SEATA President and Vice President for review and approval.

b. Once approved by both Officers, the SEATA President shall formally present the grant request to the SEATA Executive Board for final approval. 

c. Once approved by the Executive Board, the SEATA President shall notify, via email, the respective State President and SEATA Treasurer of the approval of the Sponsored Education Event.

d. The respective State Association’s education symposium program shall clearly state and recognize the educational session as a SEATA Sponsored Event.


3.      Reimbursement Process:

a. The designated State Association representative shall complete a SEATA Expense Report, in accordance with SEATA Travel Reimbursement Policy, and submit the following documentation:

1.      SEATA Travel Expense Report

2.      Receipts for all reported expenses

3.      Copy of education symposium program

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