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One of the first awards given by SEATA.  It is designed to recognize an assistant athletic trainer that has played a major role as backbone to the Head Athletic Trainer.  This award is for the person in the trenches that is there day to day what is needed in the athletic training room, the true professional. A cash award goes to this recipient.

2024        Bailey Fawcett, MS, ATC


2023        Erika Davis, MS, LAT, ATC


2022        Lacie Geisel, ATC, LAT

2021        Larry Reynolds, MA, LAT, ATC


2020        Maggie Burton, LAT, ATC

2019        Melissa Chastang, MS, ATC

2018        Justin Wenzel, MA, ATC

2017        Reggie L. Stone, MA, LAT, ATC

2016        Michelle S. Collins, MS, ATC, LAT

2015        Justin Bland, ATC 

                Rod Scott, ATC

2014        Ben Stollberg, ATC

2013        Vanessa Abrams, ATC

2012        Lori Moss, ATC

2011        Melissa Thompson, PhD, ATC

2010        James Masters, ATC

2009        Gary Beatty, ATC

2008        Shaun Duhe, ATC

2007        Andy Grubbs, ATC

2006        Barbara Naquin, ATC

2005        Steve Bryant, ATC

2004        Laura Klink, ATC

2003        Gene Patterson, ATC

2002        John Morr, ATC

2001        Kurt Behrhorst, ATC

2000        Andy Barker, ATC

1999        Jeff Allen, ATC

1998        Mike Dillon, ATC

1997        Arnold Gamber, ATC

1996        Joni Johnson, ATC

1995        Randy McGuire, ATC

1994        Ed Harris, ATC

1993        Sherry Semenick, ATC

1992        Rick Baker, ATC 

                Carndall Woodson, ATC

1991        Kevin Mangum, ATC

1990        Mike Rollo, ATC

1989        Sue Stanley, ATC

1988        Billy Brooks, ATC

1987        Jim Mackie, ATC






  • The nominee must currently be a certified member of SEATA and licensed to practice Athletic Training in their respective state.

  • The nominee must be employed as an assistant/associate athletic trainer at any level/environment.

  • Must be nominated online and a current resume detailing the above service submitted to the SEATA Honors and Awards Committee at

  • This award does not have to be presented annually if there are no qualified candidate(s) nominated.

SEATA Awards Nomination Form

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