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Clinic/Industrial/Corporate Athletic Trainer of the Year Award

We will honor an athletic trainer that has represented our profession well in a clinic, industrial or corporate environment.  This venue of service enlightens the public to the many benefits of having an athletic trainer in the workplace.

2024        Lauren Self, LAT, ATC, OPE-C

2023        Richey Woods, MS, LAT, ATC

2022        Janeane Taylor, LAT, ATC

2021        Robbie Williams, LAT, ATC

2020        Scott Byrd, LAT, ATC

2019        Allen Thompson, MAT, ATC

2018        Steven Favia, MAT, LAT, ATC

2017        Wade A. Bartlett, MS, LAT, ATC

2016        Elissa Kyrola, ATC

2014        Robert Sefcik

2013        Regg Swanson

2012        Kevin Cefali

2010        Michael Williamson

2009        Forrest Pecha

2008        Mary K. Kirkland

2007        Tom Bair

2006        Scott Cochran

2005        Scott Byrd

2004        Don Teahan

2003        Chad Barker

2002        Bruce Getz

2001        Debbie Morris

2000        Tom Steltenkamp

1999        Drew Ferguson





  • The nominee must currently be a certified member of SEATA for a minimum of 2 years and licensed to practice Athletic Training in their respective state

  • The nominee must currently be employed in a clinic, industrial or corporate environment in SEATA and possess a total of 2 years cumulative experience in the setting.

  • Must be nominated online and a current resume detailing the above service submitted to the SEATA Honors and Awards Committee at

  • This award does not have to be presented annually if there are no qualified candidate(s) nominated.

SEATA Awards Nomination Form

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